Sherpa Lithang Jacket Review

Sherpa describe the Lithang jacket as built for endurance, lightweight and waterproof, sounds good right? But what makes this jacket stand out from the rest and why should you part with your hard earned cash!

The Material

The first thing you will notice is the material, weighing only slightly heavier than some of the competition its clear that this jacket is built to be tough and durable. The material is Sherpa’s own Himaltec which offers a waterproof rating 20,000mm/20,000g and after using it in some pretty horrendous weather I can testify that it works really well.


How does it fit?

Getting a jacket that fits perfectly is not easy, we all come in different shapes and sizes and everybody has their preference on how they like it to fit . For me at 5″,8 the small jacket fits me perfectly leaving a little extra room for an insulating layer when required. Small pull cords at the waist and hood allow easy adjustments to be made in bad weather and the material is slightly stretchy giving more flexibility when moving around.



High pockets on the chest allow full access when your wearing a rucksack. The main front zip has a prayer flag style tag which allows easy use when wearing gloves. The hood is helmet compatible however it is a tighter fit with some larger helmets.


The Colour.

If your going to have a nice jacket you need to look good in pictures… its the rules. Sherpa offer this jacket in three colours but I went for the brightest one and I wasn’t disappointed. The Geelo Clay (Orange) stands out and also makes you look like a mountaineering pro delivering endless profile pictures for social media.


Last and not least is the attention to detail. Every jacket is made with care and the small details really make this jacket stand out. Little prayer flags on the elasticated cords and gold zips make this more than just your average hard shell.


On the whole I’ve been really impressed with the quality of this technical mountaineering shell. The biggest factor for me is the durability, I have given this jacket a really hard time over the past three months and it still looks like new. If your looking for something more than just a thin crispy waterproof then try out the new Sherpa Lithang jacket. You wont be disappointed.

About the Author.

Matt is an outdoor instructor and Sherpa ambassador. Visit his website for more information.









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