A day out in the clouds – Snowdon via its classic ridges.

Starting at Cromlech boulders my legs were already tired from the previous days run and they were not liking the strain of a heavier pack, however, it didn’t take long before my thighs started to warm up and I slowly felt my body come back to life. A short walk along the Pyg track and I arrived at Bwlch Y Moch, this is where you catch your first glimpse of Snowdon.

About a mile and a half along the Pyg Track you round a corner to see Glaslyn, Llyn Llydaw and a grassy slope leading down the bank, I followed the faint path which dropped me right at the shores of Glaslyn and the start of todays objective.

Glaslyn at the foot of Snowdon

Y Gribin looks intimidating for a grade 1 as it appears to just rise straight up, however, the rock is all good quality and the tricky steps are always short lived.

Y Gribin shrouded in mist.

After summiting Snowdon I was feeling I still wanted more so decided to walk to Crib Y Ddysgl and then along Crib Goch Main Ridge, the ridge was greasy and had some sections of ice, whilst it was never difficult you need to take your time in anything but dry conditions.

Crib Goch looking grim

Reaching the end of Crib Goch you have the choice of returning to Pen Y pass via the normal route or down climbing the North Ridge of Crib Goch, I choose the North Ridge as its a great way to finish the day and gives a great opportunity to extend the scrambling, the scree at the bottom can be a little tricky and a good level of map reading will be required, in bad weather its not un common for people to get lost in Cwm Uchaff.

The red scree of Crib Goch North Ridge

The path from Cwm Uchaf slowly winds down grass and pathways to Llyn Glas at the foot of Crib Goch, after a few pictures I slowly worked my way back to the car, another great day out, lets see how my legs feel in the morning.

A frozen Llyn Glas

For More information regarding scrambling courses and events please visit my website or Facebook page. I am a qualified Mountain Leader (ML) and climbing instructor (SPA).




This blog is a diary of the days I have out and the places I have travelled. Mountains can be dangerous places and the author holds no responsibility for accident or death. If your in doubt about your ability you should employ the services of a qualified instructor.

Don’t Die- Don’t try and sue me – Have lots of fun. Thanks


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